Europe’s first choice for smart ordering systems

Easily Manage Dine-in and Takeout Orders


Save labor costs and reduce the chance of errors.

Tablet ordering

Both customers and restaurant staff can place orders via tablets.

QRcode ordering

This can be done in the following ways: Web and APP

Computer ordering

The restaurant's large screen makes it easy to manage orders.

Multi-screen ordering

Allow multiple devices to order at the same time.

Synchronization of customer, kitchen, waiter, and cashier information



Multi-role permission management





Customized member management

Exclusive discounts for members, intelligent management, helping businesses enhance loyalty.

  • Multi-Language

    supports six languages: Chinese, Italian, English, French, German, and Spanish. It also automatically recognizes and adapts to the language settings of the user's device.

  • Electronic Invoicing

    The SoFattura invoice system developed by YINE company can send invoices directly to the tax bureau system within the software, helping merchants comply with tax regulations more efficiently and conveniently.

  • Present & Future

    Introducing food delivery robots to provide your customers with a unique experience.

  • Round-The-Clock Customer Service

    Our customer service is available every day to address any issues you may encounter

  • Self-Service Kiosk & Change Machine

    Self-service ordering, convenient for guests to operate

    The clerk does not need to touch cash, avoiding change errors, and the boss feels more at ease

  • 2.3.67

    1.Desktop and tablet POS accounts now include a voucher payment option.

    2.Order and bill details now include tips, with changes to the payment method.

    3.Console now includes order risk control features.

    4.In the order settings, a new "Disable Starting New Tables" option has been added, separating QR code and tablet functionalities.

    5.Add a maximum total number of people for reservations in settings. Based on the day of the week, this sets an overall cap on the number of people.

    6.Fix an issue where pre-printed orders did not display set menu item information.

  • 2.3.54

    1.Desktop version now supports ordering via barcode scanning.

    2.When saving changes to a dish's barcode, a new duplicate check is added to ensure uniqueness.

    3.A new setting has been added to order settings for QR code ordering without the need for an ID.

    4.Fixed an issue where the lottery list search function was ineffective when filtering by creation time and usage status.

    5.In settings, under delivery management, the delivery list now includes an option to search by delivery personnel and to print search results.

    6.Removed TSE data validation and fixed an issue where failure in TSE data validation could prevent normal saving of records.

  • 2.3.38

    1.The production center adds "Automatic Serving" setting.

    2.Android tablet end adds double confirmation for placing orders.

    3.The new version of the kitchen adds "Transfer Dish" function + "Expedite Order" function.

    4.The tablet adds countdown roulette + dark mode.

    5.The webpage scan code adds "Display of Quantity Limit".

    6.The host adds a pop-up window for one-click delivery receipt for takeout.

  • 2.3.59

    1.Add an online indicator and online status search to the equipment list.

    2.The system will consider devices that have not performed any action within ten minutes as offline and automatically bring them online upon the next action. Device online status will be verified against the maximum number of online devices allowed.

    3.Fix issues where changes to customer address information caused failures in placing delivery orders and completing payments.

    4.Fix the problem of incorrect dish quantity display when customers place orders using a code.

    5.Fix the issue of duplicate table opening when ordering through QR code scanning on the website.

    6.Improve the user experience of the welcome page images for web-based QR code ordering.

  • 2.3.48

    1.New feature added: Upload images of dish ingredients.

    2.Introducing the ability to upload images of allergens for each dish.

    3.Added functionality in the kitchen interface to display default names, dish aliases, or full dish names, based on your preferences.

    4.Now you can set custom colors for menu themes, and easily distinguish between new and old versions in the kitchen. Also, enjoy new table icon displays.

    5.After items or sets are oversold, they will automatically be priced according to your new pricing settings.

    6.Arrange your combo meals in any order you prefer with our new feature that allows for flexible sorting.

    7.Price protection: Menu items or combo meals without specified prices will default to the item's original price.

    8.Enjoy faster browsing! We've optimized the interface response times on our menu pages.

    9.New addition in system settings: Set custom tax rates for menu items.

    10.Now, kitchen printouts are available in multiple languages for international adaptability.

    11.Keep track of your orders in real-time with our new feature that syncs order data directly to your console.


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